...uniting African Baptist to fulfill the Great Commission

Evangelsim and Church Planting in Contemporary Times: Ghana's Experience

The Ghana Baptist Convention is currently made up of about 2500 Churches, Preaching Stations and Preaching Points. The Convention is divided into four sectors namely; the Northern Ghana, Mid-Ghana, South-East Ghana and South-West Ghana with thirty (30) Associations. Each Sector is headed by a full- time Sector Head and also a full-time Sector-Evangelist with a fully equipped Cinema Van for sector evangelism. Every Association has a field evangelist who coordinates the evangelistic activities of the Churches within the Association.

Empower to Serve with Distinction

There are Pastors who unintentionally make it difficult for their deacons to serve well. They starve them of the recognition, affection, information and resources needed for success. When people do not know what to do, they will most likely do what they know. When people know what to do but are not equipped or allowed to do it, they will become frustrated. When people know what to do and are equipped to do so but are not encouraged to do it they will only produce average results.

The Challenge of Students' Ministry in the 21st Century: African Baptists Experience


The history of student involvement in missions is interesting, inspiring and challenging. Brilliant and talented students, with sound academic background, and prosperous future were used of God as mission catalysts. Some were used to cast vision, and some were used as foot soldiers to mobilize human, financial resources, and volunteers to serve overseas. They counted it all joy for the surpassing glory of the Lord and the growth of His kingdom.